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Dividing history
  Created - 2018/04/02 22:11:11+0000

Dividing history is commonly done by war but it doesn't have to be. War can have a transformative effect on an entire generation so it makes an obvious event you can point to. There are plenty of other events that have transformative effects on similar scales. The formation of the NHS say. It allows people to talk about the time before and after the creation of the NHS and the effect it had. Do your really believe that in 50 years people won't be studying the effect Facebook had on the world?

Now I'm now repeating myself
  Created - 2017/02/04 21:06:13+0000

So I recently posted an article I had floating around as a draft for a while. I't been a while since I last posted and it seemed like a quick way to release something. I made a few edits and posted. Turn's out I had already posted it a few months earlier . Oh well. The new versions's better, now I'm now repeating myself.

Did you notice?
  Created - 2016/05/29 18:13:57+0000

Did you notice? Recently I have been posting content more frequently. I have been trying to release something every couple of weeks. I've heard the suggestion that you should write something once a week. I'm not goingto do that. To come up with an idea, flesh it and write it up, it's not something I'm going to try to squeeze into a week. Don't try to follow other peoples advice too closely.

I'll get to it
  Created - 2014/02/16 13:48:52+0000

I'll get to it, I'll get to it. There always seems more for me to do. I've been planning to polish my website for about six months, make it shiny with CSS and JavaScript. I have't done this because there always seems to be something else. Implementing Rated executor or more recently Yet another event framework for Java. My website is not the only thing I want to get to. There is the model checker I did for my Master's dissertation, I want to do more on that. This means there is always something else of me to do. I'll get to it all eventually.

I like Indian food
  Created - 2014/02/16 13:15:01+0000

I like Indian food. I like the spices and the flavours. What I really like are the starters and sides. Curry, korma, madras are good. More than the sauces and the pilau rice though I like the starter, sides and sundries. Onion bhajis, samosas, nans, peshwari nans, sag aloo, bombay potatoes, popadoms, pickles and chutney. Theses are the things I really like. This may be why I like the Masala Zone chain. They do Thalis which although they don't have peshwari nans are a collection of small portions of varied dishes. All of these are good and all of them are worth having. It's the portion size and variety that I like. The nutritional value they like to talk about doesn't matter very much to me and you should know they are eager to explain all of this to you before you order. I like Indian food.